Sulcata can be become quite large and need plenty of room
to move around, so we custom build our tortoise houses for          
higher quality & durability. The 5' X 8' house above is fully  
insulated, with a thermostatically controlled 85 degree heat
source.  Its 6' height allows for walk-in cleaning, made easier
with Formica walls and ceiling. Tiled floors are covered with a       
removable 1/4" rubber mat for easier cleaning.  Recently, a  5'
X 5' bonus room was added due to increased size of residents.
Sulcata love to graze on green grass, which should be 85% of their diet.  Access to water is always  
available by sinking a large dish into the ground. The bottom tier of a discarded water fountain
works great. (see photo below left).  Fish ponds are a nice addition to your peaceful environment,
       but must be installed above ground or with a strong barrier between it and your Sulcata.
              These guys can't swim and will sink like a rock, so this applies to swimming pools too.
                                         (See photo below right)
Welcome to Tortuga Villa.....
        we are pleased to show you our outdoor setup
                                                             for Tortoises
Different species of tortoises are separated by block-wall fencing that can easily be rearranged
         as needs change. All species of Tortoise are housed in separate pens
(photos below)