Redfoot   Photo Gallery
  Babies to Adults
Redfoot hatchlings are born with
thicker, harder shells and appear
hardy from the very start.  Soft dark
skin covered with bright red spots
give them a unique and exotic  
appearance.  With growth, their
multi-colored face will take on
the appearance of war-paint.
Young Redfoots can be expected
to grow about 2" per year until
they reach 12-18 inches as adults.
Proper indoor setup for babies and
young Redfoots
(photo above)
includes a water dish (fresh
water must be available at all times),
a hiding spot and a little peat moss
to help hold in
higher humidity
(which they require).  These are
tropical tortoises and have different
requirements than land or desert
(Please refer to care information)
                     Redfoot Yearlings

Yearling & Juvenile
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Also Cherryheads
Yearlings & Juveniles who
have reached 6 inches in
length can be kept outside
during warm months if night
temperatures don't drop
below 65 degrees.  When
indoors, they will require
a tank that can maintain
humidity, a UV lamp, heat
lamp and a larger water dish.
(photos at left & right are of setup
meeting basic needs)
Redfoot Adults
Redfoots and Yellowfoots
are from the same tropical
regions  and although care
requirements  are very
similar, there are slight
differences between the
two species. The
Yellowfoot requires higher
levels of humidity and can
grow larger, while the
Redfoot seems to be
somewhat hardier.
Redfoots (& Yellowfoots) are
native to the
tropical regions of
South America & conditioned to
warm weather & high humidity
They must
always have access
to water, although they DO NOT
swim. They will spend time
soaking in their water bowl &
standing in the rain.
(see photos below)
This species of tortoise DOES
NOT hibernate. Night temperature
should never drop below 65
degrees. Their diet consists of
green grass,
green leafy
vegetables & a variety of fruit.   
(Please refer to Care Information)
Redfoots and Yellowfoots are
popular because of their unique
beauty, sociability and manageable
size, generally averaging 12-18
inches in length and 13-16 lbs.
Warpaint (Male)
Warpaint (Male)
Care Information
Yellowfoot (Female)
Warpaint  (Male)
Redfoot (Male)