......there are many interesting residents at    
Tortuga Villa
     "Sugar & Spice"    (Indian Runner Ducks)
This is 'Sugar' and 'Spice'  brother and sister
hatchlings who have come to live at Tortuga Villa.  
They are
Indian Runner Ducklings, also known as      
"Penguin" Ducks because they stand upright and
(like Penguins).  They also "run" very fast,
which makes up for their inability to
fly. They are
very sweet and love to be cuddled, falling asleep    
instantly when your warm hand covers their head.   
They are growing much too fast...and grow taller
everyday.  The photo below (left) was taken on
March 28th. The photo below (right) was taken
two days later.  Stay tuned and watch them grow
with us.  
3 Weeks Old
There are noticeable changes every week.
'Spice (male) has suddenly caught up in size
with 'Sugar' (female), but he is still insecure
and copies her every move. He is by her side
at all times, usually touching. They love being
outdoors during the day.  Everything they
touch, taste or see is a new experience and
you can see their excitement. Notice the way
'Spice' is sitting
(photo below) and the color
changes in 'Sugar'
Photos left and below;  'Sugar' & 'Spice' are now
3 mos old.  'Spice' (male) is finally getting bigger  
than 'Sugar', but still stays by her side....they are   
inseparable.  They are now big enough to live    
outside all the time. Although they have their
own house to sleep in (inside a fully enclosed
pen for protection), they are still free to play in
the yard until bedtime.  Notice 'Sugar's color        
changes. Their wings are much fuller now, but
they still don't  fly.

Sugar & Spice are very tame & loving.  They both follow you everywhere.  In the evening they go                    
inside their pen and into their house to sleep.  If the door is left open they will walk into 'our' house
just to say hello then turn around & go back outside.  They will still let me hold them & cuddle in my                
arms.  Last night I held them both....after playing with my necklace & tickling my neck, they tucked   
their heads under my arm and went to sleep.  It's moments like these that permanently bond you
with your pets.              

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Sugar & Spice  love this small pond, just a few   
inches deep & quite often fall asleep in it.