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Sulcata Tortoise Eggs
Depending on age and size
of adult females, clutch size
can range from 18 to 40 eggs
(20-25  is average).
Incubation takes 90-100
days at 84- 86 degrees.  
After pipping shell, hatchlings      
require another 3- 4 days
to absorb remaining yolk sac.  
(see photos above and at right)
Redfoot Tortoise Eggs
Clutches are usually 4-5 eggs
and take 4-5 months to hatch
when incubated at 84- 86
degrees. Redfoot hatchlings
have a stronger yolk sac
(than Sulcata), but still require
an additional 3-4 days to
absorb the remaining yolk.  
Most all hatchings are folded
while inside the egg and
folds are still present at
 (see photo at right)  
Leopard Tortoise Eggs
The average clutch is 8-12
eggs and takes about 4-5
months to hatch when
incubated at 84-86 degrees.
The hatchlings pictured are       
exceptionally small for
Leopards, but these tiny
babies are very active and    
doing well.  This is the first
clutch of "Chewy", a female     
Leopard  sent to Tortuga Villa
by her family in Oklahoma.
As expected, Chewy loves the
southern California sunshine
and her Leopard friends.
Baby Leopards (2 Weeks Old)
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Chewy  (Mother)