Babies to Adults

Leopard Tortoises are from the
same 'family' as Sulcata, so they
too are from Africa.  Although
their diet  & care instructions are
similar to Sulcata, there are still
many differences.  Clutch sizes
are smaller so there are fewer
Leopards around, but they are
often favored for their beautiful
shells and smaller size as adults.
Leopards are not as hardy as
their huge Sulcata relatives, but
with proper temperature, good
nutrition and appropriate living
conditions, Leopards can make
wonderful life-long pets that are
sociable, hardy and low-
Leopard Pardalis-Pardalis pictured above grow larger (as adults) than the more common Pardalis-
pictured below.   As babies, Pardalis-Pardalis can be recognized by having multiple
dots on each scute, wheras Pardalis-Babcocki have only one dot or sometimes none at all.
Young Leopards should
live indoors during the
first two years or until
they reach 4 - 5" inches
in length. Once outside
they must have a heated
house year-round. Shell
color can vary from
blond to mostly black, to
pearl white with a variety
of patterns. Leopards
are sociable &  friendly
making very nice pets.
                   Adult Leopards      

Leopard Photo Gallery
Care Information
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Female Pardalis-Pardalis