Ivory Sulcata
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These Leucistic beauties are the offspring of two normal looking
Sulcata who both happen to carry the very rare
Leucistic gene.
Mated separately, they are unable to produce
Leucistic babies.  
Tortuga Villa is
one of only two known breeders in the world to
produce the 'Ivory-Pearl' offspring.  Approximately 25% of every
clutch are
Leucistic.  According to studies, normal looking
siblings (as shown in the center photo above), are calculated as
having a 66.6% chance of carrying the
Leucistic gene. These
siblings are considered
'Hets'  like their mother and father.  

The primary difference between true 'Albinos' and
Leucistic' is with the eye pigment. Albino genes
cause a complete loss of pigment in everything,
including skin, shell
and eyes.  Albino eyes are
actually clear (without color) and what you see
are blood vessels at the back of the eye, giving
the red appearance.   
Leucistic genes cause a
loss of pigment in everything
except the eyes,
leaving the eyes with natural color.  Although
Leucistic babies are first born with clear (albino)
eyes with dark red appearance, they eventually
change to black during the first few weeks.
True albino eyes will remain red throughout life,
making the outdoors (sun rays) an unhealthy
environment, whereas,
Leucistic tortoises (with
black eyes) are not harmed by natural sunlight .
Juveniles & Young Adult Ivory Sulcata

Juvenile Ivories
enjoying Mazuri
Tortoise Diet with
normal friends
(photo at right).

As young adults:
Ivory Sulcata with
normal Het
(photos below)

The Sulcata tortoise (also known as the African Spur-thigh) is one of the hardiest tortoises in captivity,
easy to care for and makes a great pet. Yet in determining if this is an appropriate pet for you, it's important
to understand that the Sulcata can reach 50 lbs in 5 years and can weigh up to 100-200 lbs as an adult.  With
proper care, including a large yard and house with year-round heat, the Sulcata can likely out live its owners.

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Care Information).

This exotic beauty (known as the 'Ivory' or 'Pearl'
Sulcata), is a very rare and unique pet for those
who appreciate the unusual.  

Throughout history, many cultures believe that
mysterious powers exist in the rarely seen albino
animal, and that special blessings and good
luck are passed on to those who are able to see
or touch one in real life.  Never to be hunted or
killed, they believe the albino must be respected
and protected by all who come in contact .  

One of the strongest 'spirit' connections among
Native American tribes was the
White Buffalo,
a definite omen of great wisdom and power.  
The symbolic significance (associated with the
quality of "whiteness") was purity, wisdom and
ancient knowledge of greater conceptual and
spiritual magnitude