Thank you for your interest in
                  Tortuga Villa....
We are Paul and Rosilee, hobbyists and breeders of several species of Tortoises.  Prior to
Tortoises, our hobby was raising and breeding Chameleons.   Although currently we
keep only a few Chameleons as pets, we are including photos and information for those
of you who share our appreciation of these beautiful and exotic creatures.

Paul has always had a passion for exotic animals.  Rosilee has a passion for  
all  animals
and loves to care for them.  So after adopting our first two
Tortoises, Elvis and Elvira, we
began wanting more and more and more....and the rest is history.

We hope you will find our web-site interesting and informative and we look forward to
receiving your email and comments.  Meanwhile, we would like to introduce ourselves,
show you around
Tortuga Villa and let you meet others  who live here.
This is Paul.....doing what he loves most .....  
hanging out with the
Tortoises.  Paul holds a
very important position at Tortuga Villa as
Chief of 'Internal & External' Affairs.  He's in
charge of
feeding the Tortoises and scooping
up their poop
.  Actually, Paul does a lot more  
......his goal is to have a lot of Tortoises
without allowing our property to
'look' like
we have a lot of Tortoises.....
(or maybe that is  
Rosilee's goal)
...... but that can keep him very
Paul also builds Tortoise houses,
incubates their eggs, sprays off  the cement,
supervises cleaning their houses, bathing
the Tortoises and.....(you guessed it).......
scooping up more poop.  So as you can see,
Paul is very busy with his hobby.   
This is Rosilee. She is also very busy       
serving as
First Lady to the Chief of  'Internal
& External' Affairs,
providing  necessary
behind the scenes encouragement and
motivation to scoop up the poop, spray off
the cement, bathe the Tortoises, etc....   She
is also in charge of  'measuring', 'leveling'
and holding things while the Chief builds
Tortoise houses.  The First Lady's primary
concern is to keep the 200 lb
Tortoises from
Tortuga Villa's big house  where
she hangs out with the Chief when he's
not.... (you guessed it).... scooping up poop.
This is Tortuga Villa's 200 lb tortoise...the only
one we can trust to spend time in the front yard
without wandering off.. He's also very easy to
care for...we haven't fed or watered him in
years, yet he maintains a good weight.
Tortuga Villa   714) 348-1747
  This is our good friend Bobby who takes
 'hanging out'  with his tortoises more
              seriously than Paul....